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2001-12-17 - 08:00:35

Dream 12/17/00

We went out for dinner for Elise's return -- to a Friday's, of course. Teh girls -- Jaime, Lisa, Elise -- met us there, and we saw them sitting at one of the reception areas of this huge restaurant. I come up from behind Elise -- with new haircut that day -- and lean down for a hello kiss on her forehead as she looks up at me on the step. I kiss Lisa too; not Jaime -- not sure why (maybe because she never reciprocates). But Elise makes a comment about how I'm wearing the same old clothes and she and Jaime begin laughing. I feign anger and walk out of the restaurant, intending to walk in another door and get a drink and come back to them. But Will and Dave follow me out and come with me. Will's brother Rich and an unidentified friend of his come as well, but just want drinks and give me money. Then Will and I walk over to look at Elise's new car -- a metallic blue 1970s GTO that she'd bought cheap from her uncle. It's a phat ride, yo. Then we decide to go inside, but I lose Will and inside find no one in the clearing restaurant. I can't find an open spot at the bar to get a drink, and then I can't find my friends anywhere -- I've been gone too long.

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