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2000-11-25 - 08:54:28

Dream 11/25/00

Will, Brian, Jaime and I have gone into NYC for the night, either to see high school girlfriend Heather or have met up with her by chance. We end up back at her place -- an expansive apartment downstairs with kitchen area. Will, Heather and Brian go off to sit by the pool, a long, expansive pool and fish tank with many colorful fish and props in it. At first it all seems like -- actually, is -- a public pool. I sit at a table in the kitchen, eating dinner with Jaime next to me. Will, Heather and Brian then come inside, and suddenly Sean comes home. I'm immediately uncomfortable, then Jaime insists she introduce me. I get upset, saying it should be Heather's job, but Jaime persists. Sean knows who I am, sees me, but ignores me. My argument with Jaime escalates to the point where people, others, hear us. Heather comes into the kitchen with Sean, where he now is, and I push back from the table and wonder aloud if the pool is closed -- by this time it is night, and the once-public pool is now empty. I go to the window of the all-window wall of the apartment and look at the fish and wish I could be in that lonely pool. I'm determined never to meet Sean and wake up with my streak intact.

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