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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 - 2:48 p.m.

It may be time for a change

I love writing. I enjoy the pleasure, the freedom and the challenge of sitting down with a blank page -- whether it's in a spiral notebook, a leather-bound journal or an open Word document or Notepad file -- and transfering my thoughts and ideas from mere memory into hard copy form, filling the white space with black lines and curves.

But maybe I'm too picky about it. In the three weeks since I last posted here, I've had dozens of thoughts I'd hoped to put up here. I've crafted phrases and paragraphs in my mind, thinking I'd write them down later and chronicle them here shortly thereafter. It hasn't happened. I'm in a new job with a weird schedule that has me leaving the house anywhere from 4-6 p.m. most days and returning between 2 and 3 a.m. Some days, I get back at 3 a.m. and have to be on a bus again at 10:30 or 11 because, like the Major League baseball players I now watch for a living, I have to work a day game after a night game. It's not quite the same when I'm in an office in Manhattan and they're out on the green fields of America, but I really can't complain at this point.

Except that I don't write as much. I haven't yet found the routine where I can get up at some point in the morning, hit the gym, and organize my time until it's time to go to work. What I should do is set aside a day each week were I'll write; then, hopefully, I'll sit down at times during the days in between and jot out short passages, entries like this.

But what I'm really wondering is if it's time to move on. Diaryland has done well for me, but I'm feeling more and more comfortable with another site, where I post a baseball blog and a floundering attempt at a photo blog as well. I've already snatched up the URL I want should I decide to put this one to bed and start up over there, but for now, it sits vacant. I've also filled up my photo capacity here, and since I enjoy including the pictures when I can, it's much easier on the other site. The issue there is that with the blogs all connected, I wouldn't be as anonymous as I am now, because I've already opened up my baseball blog to friends and bosses. Names wouldn't be used as frequently, but work wouldn't really be discussed, either. (Not that I plan to bore people with details about work.) Plus, other than a few exceptions, all my friends and lovers have moved their blogs and they all pretty much know me in person, too. They'd be coming with me. As for those whom I know still come here, they'd be informed of the new location.

But I haven't made any final decision yet. I do, however, feel I'm getting close. Bryan and I are planning a road trip for the end of the month in celebration of our 30th birthdays this year. We did well together on the road in college, and this trip will be a chance for the two of us to get together again like we did back then and explore new parts of this country. Denver is the start and finish, and the tentative route takes us back-and-forth over the Continental Divide, through the Rockies and at least two, probably three, National Parks across Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. I can see myself using that trip as the opening to the new site. We'll see.

It's just that life is really good right now, I feel like I'm on a good track -- no longer stuck in a job I saw myself leaving as soon as I could, where I couldn't picture myself three months down the road, let alone three years or any significant length of time. Because I've grown stagnant here on this site, I feel a change could jumpstart things.

But now, I need to jumpstart a column I have due for one of my side projects. I have until late tonight, but I really don't want to stick around work any later than I have to.

Still, this feels good.

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