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Friday, May 6, 2005 - 5:18 p.m.

Smoking kills ... cars

It doesn't take a genius, people. It really doesn't.

Fire burns things. Cigarettes are burning. They're on fire. If you leave one somewhere, there's a good chance it will burn things.

We got a two-hour lunch break today because sometime around noon, a food delivery guy pulls his late-model SUV up in front of our building, leaves his cigarette in the ashtray because, hey, he's just running inside to drop of a lunch order and he'll be right back, and creates a small blaze that effectively forces everyone out of the building through one particular exit because the flaming vehicle is right next to the main front doors.

Dozens of us milled around in the parking lot behind the building. I could see smoke coming from the upper parking deck, which is on ground level when approached from the front, but the third level when coming from the back because they built the building into the side of a hill. The smoke was heavier � and blacker � coming out the south side of the building. I decided not to walk up the hill because, at that time, I didn't know it was a car on fire.

Then I realized my new phone has a camera.

It's a cloudy day, but you can see the smoke obscuring the trees. I would've taken a picture of the burned-out shell of the car, but it was beneath an overhang and the light was horrible and it would've been a mass of blackness.

Lots of stories have flown around the office since. Some said the delivery guy just ran away. Someone said she saw the flames in the car when she had walked out front to make a call on her cell phone.

All it gets us is an extra two hours at work on a Friday night since we have to finish everything that was put off for two hours when we all went on unexpected lunch breaks.

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