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Sunday, Oct. 13, 2002 - 10:27 a.m.

Sunday morning

The paradox of Sunday morning: The realization that there are six days until another college football Saturday tempered by the slight comfort of an NFL afternoon. But the NFL doesn't quite match up with college. There isn't the same atmosphere, the same connection, the same rooting interest. And with the NFL, you get more games in domes than you do in college, particularly if Syracuse and Minnesota are on the road.

I had two weird dreams last night (that's redundant -- aren't most, like 90 percent, of dreams "weird"?), both involving football. In one, I was in Buffalo, watching from behind one end zone as Drew Bledsoe quarterbacked the Bills. In the other, I dreamt that Notre Dame had a close lead on Michigan and tried to run out the clock. It was fourth down, the Irish had the ball with 7 seconds on the clock. They ran the play, and Carliyle Holiday scrambled and tried to hold out long enough until the clock was at zero before going down. But a player hit him right near his own goal line, the ball came loose, and a Michigan player fell on it in the end zone for the winning touchdown. I woke up from that one sad, until I remembered that we already beat Michigan and that it was indeed a dream, and we won.

Then I felt better and managed to go back to sleep until a little while ago.

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