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Thursday, Jan. 6, 2005 - 3:44 p.m.

Almost pointless

I have been racking my brain the past few days, trying to come up with something to put here and usher this journal into the new year.

All I got is that I don't get how some words suddenly get bastardized into internet slang for no apparent reason. Like "please." I suppose, on the surface, cutting the effort needed to type the word by 50 percent is efficient, but I really don't see the need to abbreviate a six-letter word into "Pls." I get work e-mails like that all the time. Why do we need to shorten an already short word?

Now you see why you haven't heard from me.

Also, much of my thoughts and writing output lately have been very sports- and baseball-related, so I've decided not to bore you. I've been prolific in those areas. But not here.

Our next five weekends look like this: Nothing in particular, maybe a J. Crew return/exchange on Saturday; Phoenix, Arizona; Washington, D.C.; nothing in particular; Super Bowl party. Those should provide something to write about. At least those that don't involve us sleeping in and hanging pictures around the house on a Saturday when showering is optional.

I can't stop yawning. Maybe because I was up until midnight, then couldn't sleep after 7:30 this morning so I watched last night's West Wing. I did manage to use my lunch hour today to return the Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended edition) that Casey's dad apparently didn't really want (though wasn't clear about) and buy the humidifier we need for our dry bedroom, as well as an escape ladder in the event one of our delinquent neighbors sets the building on fire. Thankfully, we've survived the last three years in apartments with no need for it, so let's hope that continues.

Must drink Coke.

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