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Saturday, Oct. 27, 2001 - 9:26 p.m.

Oreo's adventures

One woke up hacking onto the bedspread. The other woke up and bolted from bed, turning on the light and removing the sick party and the soiled bed cover. It was 6 a.m.

One went outside onto the cold stones of the patio in the gloomy predawn. The other sat on the couch and watched a whole lot of nothing on TV and ate breakfast, contemplating either an early run or a drive to the beach to watch the sunrise.

One came in and ate breakfast, the other lay down on the couch to watch more TV. One came in and settled into a chair and dozed off. The other soon went back upstairs and crawled into bed for more quality sleep.

One was the cat. The other was me.

Actually, it's been an adventurous day for the cat, I've learned. After I covered my alma mater's football game (they gave the No. 1 team in the state a fight), I stopped at home to see Casey, who had driven down from Jersey City. The folks are in Boston for the ND/BC game (Irish up 14-7 at the half as I write), and since it's a (hopefully) "early" night off work (Saturday), and we want to carve pumpkins tomorrow, she came down. She called a little while ago to tell me three things, the last of which was how she woke up from a nap shivering. Knowing I'd turned up the heat before I left, she was confused and found the door in the back room open.

And where was the cat?

You see, Oreo -- big, tubby Oreo -- is a leash cat. We put him out, but only on a leash, since our road is rather busy and we were afraid that a young, fearless Oreo 11 years ago might get squashed. So Casey panicked and opened the outside access door (the only one) to our basement looking for a flashlight in order to find the black cat in the black night.

As she did so, Oreo came "sauntering by," as she described it. She then grabbed him by the collar and tossed him inside, offering more food (what he loves more than freedom outside) as a consolation and apology for the harsh retrieval.

But I'm sure she'll tell it better, if she decides to visit this adventure later and not block it from her memory.

And, just a question here, but who at Boise State U. is reading my diary after Googling "xxx sex with sea animals"?

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