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Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2002 - 9:45 p.m.

Not what I expected

It was really weird. My editor didn't yell, didn't plead, didn't turn red in rage. I told him I was leaving, he asked where I was going, and then replied, "Magazines? That's good. Better schedule."

He was, naturally, sorry to see me go. He said it wasn't the best time, with football starting up, but he understands. He reread my short cover letter over and over -- or he just kept staring at it -- while stroking his stubbled chin with his forefinger.

Then he asked if I'd be able to freelance. He said maybe I could continue to write a weekly minor-league baseball column next summer. He said I should make sure I have that paper work all squared away before I leave.

So it went well. There were tons of complaints I could've brought up, plenty of problems and reasons for my departure. But it's not worth it, and although I would've enjoyed leaving firmly, I think this is better. There may actually be some freelance opportunities in the future, and I may be able to supplement my income decently.

It was kind of akward having everyone at work stop what they were doing and talk to me about it, ask about the magazine, when I start, where it is. I revealed to those who did not yet know that I am living an hour away, that my new job is 10 minutes from my apartment. I just don't like being the center of attention like that, not with anyone but a group of close friends and maybe their friends and relatives. But when it's coworkers or coworkers and strangers, or some other weird combination, I'm not as comfortable. That's why I'm glad everyone focuses on the bride at weddings -- I'll just be that other one up there.

But, man, it felt SO good to cancel all my job search agents on the websites, to clear out the "Jobs" folders in my two e-mail accounts, to purge all those cover letters from my Hotmail folders. I'll do the same with my computer disk, saving only a few spectacular examples of letters and the copy of my resume for future reference -- and hopefully I won't need it for a long, long time.

HO! I love it!

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