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2001-08-08 - 11:21 p.m.

Don't set sail with Captain Morgan


A young lawyer joins a prestigous law firm only to discover that it has a sinister dark side.

Oh, wait, that's "The Firm." ;)

I love how with certain friendships, the good friendships, you can go weeks without talking, months without seeing one another, and pick up as if it were 1993 again and you're back in high school.

What's even better is when you're with your best friend's fiance, and he seems like your own friend, and the two of you talk like it's 1993 and you're back in high school -- though, that would be weird, since Dave B. grew up near Pittsburgh and Jaime and I grew up in New Jersey. And Dave B. would've been two years older than us and a freshman in college in 1993. But that doesn't matter now, does it?

The point is, while Dave and I drove east on I-676 into Philadelphia to meet Jaime for dinner, we talked about their recent rafting weekend and then about my recent rendezvous weekend. I timed them: It took Dave half an hour to ask about Casey (because he gave me the details of the rafting trip) and it took Jaime, when we met up with her, 10 minutes. But to see both of them again and to talk with them over dinner and a few beers, there was not one akward silence, not one moment of boredom, not one second of wanting to be anywhere else. We laughed and talked about things I hadn't thought about for years. Somehow, getting caught while making out in public places came up (usually involving parked cars in state and county parks). Heather's mom walking in on us in the guest room that one time. The cop asking Dave's girlfriend if she was OK and Dave answering, "We're fine," and the cop saying, "I was talking to her. Are you OK ma'am?"

And I found I still get upset about the time Caitlin mentioned how she'd gained a few pounds during freshman year of college, but no one noticed. Captain Morgan, speaking through my mouth, said, "Actually, we noticed, but we were too nice to say anything." That should teach you to drink more during freshman year so you learn how to control your mouth while under the influence back home in the summer with friends. I still feel bad, even though Caitlin is a bitch, she did gain those pounds and we did all notice (I know, that's not the point) and none of us talk to her anymore because of the aforementioned fact that she does, in fact, happen to be a bitch.

And I feel good tonight, in a good mood, because I sense change on the horizon. I feel myself becoming free, being able to have more night like these, more chances to visit with friends, more time to talk and laugh and reminisce and create new memories we'll talk over someday down the line.

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