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Friday, Jan. 21, 2005 - 5:21 p.m.

I can't skip the cartoons, though

I've found I get through The New Yorker a lot faster each week if I skip all the articles about Bush and Iraq, as well as any fiction pieces that are overly depressing or involve cancer. I've read the last three issues in about an hour, combined.

I made one exception with this piece on Social Security.

The same applies to my daily e-mail of headlines from The New York Times � it's a lot faster when I don't read everything about Bush, Congress, Republicans or Iraq. I bet I'll be less stressed out. I might even keep some of my hair.

However, this weekend I will make the journey into the seat of our government. We're leaving tonight to beat the snow, and to be able to sleep in tomorrow. Casey's going to spend most of her time with a pal from Chicago while I'll be with a college friend with the purpose of the trip at noon on Sunday: Notre Dame vs. Georgetown. Immediately after the game is over, Casey and I will be on the road back to New Jersey, hoping to make it home in time to watch the bulk of the Steelers-Patriots game.

Two weekends, two different cities. A potential eight-to-10 inches of snow in the northeast tomorrow will make for a marked contrast to last weekend's 70-degree temperatures in Scottsdale. I'll tell more about that trip after we're back from D.C.

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