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2001-07-13 - 12:34 a.m.

Feeling good everyday

I seem to like Everyday the more I listen to it. The title track was immediately my favorite song and when I put the CD in my car, I always skip back a track to start with "Everyday." I was hooked on "When The World Ends" when he opened the show with it, and "Dreams of Our Fathers" solidified its spot at my third favorite on the drive home tonight.

Tomorrow is Beach Party Night at the ballpark, and I've been encouraged to wear a tropical shirt to the game, which for me means wear the tropical shirt to the game, because I'm the kind of guy who only wears tropical shirts for theme parties. I know some people who wear them to keggers in Indiana in the middle of winter for no reason other than he owns one, but that wasn't really ever me. It's not even really a good tropical shirt -- it's kind of cheap, actually -- but it gets the job done.

I am at such a loss for anything to say that my screen saver just kicked in, meaning I sat here for two minutes trying to come up with something. All I did today was go to the beach with my sister -- not even "to the beach" for sunbathing and swimming, but to Sandy Hook to take pictures with my sister to have enlarged and framed for Mom's birthday next week. And then I went to the ballpark, where not much of anything really happened other than a baseball game was played and I wrote about it. Why does today seem so uneventful? I guess they all feel that way the day after you meet Davy Jones.

Something seems weird. Something seems out of place. Things are too good right now. I'm at the ballpark every night covering games. The one night this week I'll be in the office, Saturday, I'm not really upset about, mainly because I'm doing it by choice, to help out a coworker who needs the night off for his wife's farewell party (she's leaving the same paper). And then next week it's all baseball, right up until I get the weekend off. I don't know why I feel like something's not going to turn out right, because now that I think about it, I used to have stretches like this all the time. I remember weeks in college, high school even, where I couldn't think of one bad thing that happened, or one ominous cloud on my horizon. I'd have great days in school, get good results on exams and papers, spend quality time with friends on weekends, and two weeks would seem like three with everything going so well. At times like those, I forgot what it took to upset me, annoy me, frustrate me. I feel like I'm back in one of those grooves, and it feels like the first time (feels like the very first time). I'm indestructible, ultimately suave and attractive, forever witty and funny, constantly attentive and alert, always smiling and in a good mood.

And I have a feeling this one could last a while.

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