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2001-02-10 - 3:37 p.m.

Dreams 2/10/01

I had four dreams last night, and remembered at least some part of all of them. Not only that, but I remembered them in chronological order, unlike the other time I had a series of dreams; those I remembered from most recent to earliest.

A night of dreams, 2/10/01

No. 1
I'm going on a trip to Pennsylvania or the Midwest or somewhere and I get an e-mail with suggestions on where to go -- clubs and such -- and radio stations to listen to. It's from Casey (whom I "met" online last night), and then, in my travels, I meet her -- at college or something -- and we go to a fair or carnival I think. After that, it's a church of some kind, like a campus chapel or a dorm Mass. And our first meeting goes well -- like our first chat online last night. Even in a dream, I feel uncomfortable in a Catholic church -- like everyone's staring at my Methodistness -- and I don't even know if Casey's Catholic, or why we're there.

No. 2
Then I wake up -- or so I think! -- and realize my dream was about Casey, and begin writing down the dream. Only I didn't -- I DREAMT I did -- so that when I wake up for real, I think I did all that and begin looking for this journal -- under my pillow, on the floor -- then find it on the table and realize it was all a dream.

No. 3
A race, of 5 miles or so, like some sort of reward challenge or something. It starts in front of my house, goes up the block -- which is much longer than in real life -- and comes back, though the finish is unclear to me. Each team has 5 members, and on the way, I pass two from the other team who have slowed to a walk. I feel great running, in great shape, and I run well. The first three members of each team are far ahead, and I don't know where the fifth of mine is, but I know if I finish ahead of the two I've passed, we'll win. But near the finish -- which I don't know -- they catch up. I'm tired, exhausted, but I keep pushing, wanting to win. Just then I'm told to finish we must circle the driveway twice. In the process, the two I've passed, pass me back, and I don't catch up and am mad, because they never tell me the exact finish. But it's my problem.

No. 4
For some reason, we've joined up with people in some endeavor, business, venture or something, but we have to hide out in the office. I don't recognize anyone -- my friend or the others. Soon, the others go out, and I do too for a moment. When I return, someone else is there, in the office with many windows, so we have to hide. I sneak back into the room we were hiding in and crawl under a table to sleep. Dave -- apparently the friend I couldn't see before -- is already there.

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