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2001-08-13 - 9:34 a.m.

Dreams 8/13/01

Another night of several weird dreams ...

1. Living on a farm and the cat Oreo gets loose, is not on his leash, and then he comes trotting out from the woods following another black cat and I grab him and carry him over to his leash and hook him up again.

2. Captain Jack, the ballpark PA guy, is interviewing ballplayers major leaguers though on his morning radio show and for some reason he is not in the studio. There are technical difficulties that prevent him and the rest of us from hearing what they say.

3. The kicker. I'm at some bar or seomthing and a big group of us high school friends are meeting for dinner or something. I don't even know the occassion, but all the high school friends are home for some reason. I see those three, the ones we all rarely talk to anymore Caitlin, Mandy and High School Heather (and I wonder now: Was three not the number of witches in Macbeth?). And Sean's with her. People move around saying hello, Madny and Caitlin sliding by me like it's no big deal, barely acknowledging me which is how I want it. But then Heather brings Sean over and makes a point to introduce us and he says something about "I hope we can all be big about this," and I'm pissed. There's no need to say that. I wish he'd not mentioned it at all. He's wearing a Notre Dame jacket, which annoys me. So they move on and I lean back against the wall, going silent and wanting to be alone, sulking and watching the TV and wanting to punch him for his arrogance.

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