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Friday, July 29, 2005 - 9:42 p.m.

Pull over, litterbug!

There's a move afoot in Trenton to ban smoking while driving. It has long odds, so why even propose it? There are certainly several reasons to do so, but what I'd rather see is a ban on smoking in bars. And how about an enforcement of the law that bans talking on hand-held cell phones while driving? I have little hope for that one being enforced every time I see an on-duty cop holding his phone while cruising the streets.

Where the police should start -- and I don't understand why they aren't instructed to do such things simply to increase revenue -- is by ticketing people for littering when they throw their butts out the window. Or on the sidewalk. One cop could probably cover his weekly salary if he were, for just one week, cite all the smokers he sees who toss their butts aside. It's one of the most thoughtless, vile and arrogant acts that I see daily (at least on the days I don't see a presidential press conference). I've taken to honking or flashing my lights at people who befoul the streets of Edgewater -- or wherever I happen to be driving -- though I doubt they make the connection between my reaction and their action.

I think smokers should just eat their butts. It can't be any more disgusting than the actual smoking, can it?

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