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1998-07-05 - 01:44:36

Manassas, Va.

SUNDAY, JULY 5, KNOXVILLE, TENN. � Had to leave everyone behind today and begin my journey on my own. After they all exited MD 50 for the airport, I drove until Manassas, Va., where I bought Subway and took it to the Battlefield for lunch. I did a little walking under the warm Virginia sun and took some pictures before continuing to Skyline Drive high above Virginia fields. The views of the rolling hills, mountains and fields were spectacular � Like little I�ve ever seen. Shenandoah National Forest is gorgeous � two-lane road winding through from scenic point to scenic point around peaks and through valleys. After about 30 miles � and two hours � I took 211 to I-81 and hauled ass for Knoxville � and it still was about 350 miles and 5 to 6 hours of �madroad driving� until I got here. Spent an hour chatting with the Hoffmans and now we must all go to bed � if I�m going to Houston, I�ve got 1,000 miles and 14 hours of driving to go.

Sunny Sunday afternoon lunchtime northern Virginia � People scattered across old Manassas Battlefield eating, walking, running, playing on historic ground. Walking dogs among knee-high beige grass under hot sun, cool breezes and blue, cloud-spotted sky. The field stretches out forever into the Earth in all directions � hills, grass, trees, fields of America�s past.

Shenandoah view �
Rolled-hay-spotted fields, some homes,
Cover the hillsides.

White cloud puffs sky view �
Blue ceiling, green hill carpet �
Brown grass gathered up.

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