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1998-01-26 - 08:42:52

Dream 1/26/98

A night of dreams 1/26/98

No. 1

(Dreamt from the woman's point of view.)

They had just moved into the new house and her office window was right next to that of the neighbors. She would often work there in only her underwear, walking through the house whenever she needed something. Then one day, the neighbor came over to ask about some unintelligible word.

No. 2

My family stopped by McDonald's. My sister and I sat down with our food and began eating. By the time Mom and Dad joined us, we were finished. "OK, let's go," I said as soon as my parents sat down. They laughed. Then Mom took out two McDonald's Beanie Babies she had bought. They weren't "original" Beanies -- they had different tags and came in boxes -- but we figured they were still worth money. One of them was Foghorn Leghorn, the stuttering Looney Tunes rooster. I said, "Ah say, ah say, I want the rooster," in the same manner as Foghorn.

No. 3

It was the end of my senior year at a small community college, and for some reason I was a member of the track and field team, for the first time. The coach was a tough-looking woman, a short-haired East German-on-steroids stereotype. She reminded us we would need athletic supporters. I was to be a thrower, mostly javelin. Then the Fed Ex guy drove up to deliver the discuses. We were out practicing in the field, which was landmarked because it was an old historic field, dating back to colonial times.

No. 4

We were taking off for Hawaii. It was to be a short tour, but I enjoyed it so much the first time, any trip back was worth it. We saw it from the air, landed, saw more from the plane on the ground, then turned to lift off again without disembarking from the plane. But the pilot couldn't get it off the ground. After several attempts of taking off and coming back down -- and one where he just pulled up over some trees -- the plane landed in the ocean. TWA I think it was, which I've never flown. But I wasn't in the plane anymore. I was either in McDonald's or on the practice field, whichever it was, it overlooked the bay and the plane floating there on the water.

A bit about these dreams ...

It is said that most of the dreams we remember are those that occur just before we wake up, and they're never very long. On these mornings when I continuously hit the snooze button, I can easily fall into a deep sleep again, dreaming in the nine-minute span between alarms. When I remember them all, this provides a series of dreams, dreamlettes even. Sort of like dream soundbytes, or vingnettes. The previous dreams of Jan. 26, 1998, were just that, beginning with my most recent this morning and working backward to the main one -- the plane. I didn't even remember the track and field one until I had written down the other two.

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