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2000-11-12 - 21:16:16

The house by the road

There's this one route I take home from work each night -- early each morning, actually -- where I have to stop at a stop sign on a deserted road at 1 a.m. It's one of those ridiculous moments in the early morning hours when you roll to a "stop" and then continue on.

But sometimes I pause for a moment and look over at the house near the stop sign. It's a small two-story house, probably a hundred years old or older. It's got a little overhang covering the front patio -- sort of a front porch, but at ground level. One night in the summer I did see a group of twenty-somethings sitting there in the chairs, drinking a little and maybe smoking some. Basically just sitting around, shootin' the breeze -- something people do not do nearly as often these days. So many times during the summer months I'll drive by houses, admiring the porches, which sit empty. We're guilty of it at my house, for one.

But on other nights I'll stop by the house, which sits quiet. Sometimes there might be a light on, and I'll wonder who's up in that house. Are they up reading, watching television? Did they hear my car come to a stop at the sign outside? Do they wonder who the driver is, where he is going, where he's coming from?

These are just some of the thoughts that come to mind on my drive home each night.

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